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30th August 2014


"Actuated by the most glorious cause that mankind ever fought in, I am determined to defend this post to the very last extremity."

-Col. Robert Magaw, 1776

19th August 2014

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That last gif.

This right here.

If you don’t want to get shot by a cop don’t fuck with them. This 18 y/o man (he’s not a boy anymore) robbed a store then assaulted a police officer. He deserved to be shot. And now these people are rioting? Fucking ridiculous.

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19th August 2014

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What do you call it when a good looking person hangs around for a while? Prolonged QT interval.

Smoooth haha ;)

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13th August 2014

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12th August 2014

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I don’t respect the military, I don’t respect the police, I don’t respect elected officials. I’m not gonna apologize for not supporting and respecting people who willingly partake in and benefit from oppressive, violent systems. 

You say that now. I have a feeling you will change your tune the day you need to call 911. See you then.

And on behalf of my wife, who volunteered during a time of war to defend your right to talk shit on the internet like a coward, go fuck yourself. If you can’t stand behind American soldiers please feel free to stand in front of them.

You guys see this shit? People like this seriously make me question my decision to make a career of public service. These ass-fucks that bitch and moan about public servants then literally scream for help in their hour of need and expect those same public servants to show up and save them. These filthy pieces of shit, the bottom 1%, that use their First Amendment right to spit on the very group of people sworn to protect their constitutional freedoms.

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11th August 2014

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10th August 2014

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One of my posts is here! Neat!

I think Carl is noob from Battlefield Friends

omg my husband’s best friend back from living on base is a Carl

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7th August 2014

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House, M.D. Merchandise:


House, M.D. Merchandise:

7th August 2014

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7th August 2014

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Re-watching House ’cause why not, right?